9.00 Registration

9.25 Welcome remarks

9.30 Section 1: Cancer genetics and epigenetics

Chair: Yulia Medvedeva

9.30 Valentina Boeva (Invited speaker) Computational analysis of epigenetic landscape and chromatin states in cancer: deciphering the rewiring rules of transcriptional regulatory networks in neuroblastoma

10.15 Ilya Vorontsov. Sequence analysis of regulatory variants reveals mutation preferences and selection selection pressure on somatic mutations in cancer lineages induced by transcription factor binding

10.40 Tatyana Gorbacheva Free circular DNA as a biomarker of metastasis

11.05 Coffee break

11.30 Section 2: From sequencing to gene regulation I

Chair: Carsten Daub

11.30 Albin Sandelin (Invited speaker) The Promoter- and Enhancer Landscape of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

12.15 Finn Drablos (Invited speaker) How to prepare genes for rapid activation

13.00 Lunch break

14.30 Section 3: From sequencing to gene regulation II

Chair: Albin Sandelin

14.30 Carsten Daub (Invited speaker) Gene regulation underlying insulin response and its dys-regulation in obesity

15.15 Ekaterina Khrameeva. Dictyostelium discoideum chromosomes are partitioned into domains functionally similar to topologically associating domains of higher eukaryotes

15.40 Yulia Medvedeva. Chromatin changes induced by DNA demethylation

16.05 Coffee break

16.30 Section 4: RNA bionformatics and regulation

Chair: Vsevolod Makeev

16.30 Ivan Antonov Predicting antisense interactions of long noncoding RNAs in human cells

16.55 Anna Obraztsova Novel comparative genomic approach for detecting nonhomologous RNA regulatory elements

17.30 Poster section and welcome reception


10.00 Section 5: Molecular evolution

Chair: Johannes Soeding

10.00 Elena Osipova. Evolution history of lipoxygenase pathway enzymes

10.25 Irina Medvedeva. How are protein functional sites encoded by exon structure in Metazoas

10.50 Maria A. Andrianova. Human mismatch repair system corrects errors produced during lagging strand replication more effectively

11.15 Alexander Panchin. Methylation and preservation of CpG dinucleotides in human CpG islands

11.40 Coffee break

12.00 Section 6: Structural bioinformatics

Chair: Arne Elofsson

12.00 Arne Elofsson (Invited speaker) PconsC3: Improved contact predictions for smaller families

12.45 Alexander Osypov. Electrostatics as a new old factor of the natural selection in genome

13.10 Yaroslav Popov. StructAlign - a program for alignment of structures of DNA-protein complexes

13.35 Olga Zanegina. Search of conserved features in protein-DNA complexes via Nucleic acid – Protein Interaction DataBase (NPIDB)

14.00 Lunch break

15.00 Section 7: Motifs in the sequence

Chair: Finn Drablos

15.00 Johannes Soeding (Invited speaker) Bayesian higher-order models consistently outperform PWMs at predicting regulatory motifs in nucleotide sequences

15.25 Ivan Kulakovskiy. HOCOMOCO collection of transcription factor binding sites models: expansion, enhancement and practical applications

15.50 Nurbubu Moldogazieva. Short linear motifs derived from fetoplacental proteins: bioinformatics and molecular dynamics simulation study

16.15 Coffee break

16. 40 Section 8: Translation and regulation

Chair: Ivan Kulakovskiy

16.40 Pavel Baranov (Invited speaker) Through the Ribosome Profiling, darkly: can mRNA remember and ribosomes foresee?

17.35 Vassily Lyubetsky. Ribosome Reinitiation at Leader Peptides Increases Translation of Bacterial Proteins

18.00 Irina Eliseeva. Can transcription determine future of mRNAs? A case study on mTOR translational control in mammals.

19.30 Conference dinner


10.00 Section 9: Bioinformatics in 3D

Chair: Pavel Baranov

10.00 Nadia Chuzhanova (Invited speaker) Mutability in 3D

10.45 Sofia Mariasina. Bioinformatics approaches in NMR structure determination of methyltransferase WBSCR27

11.10 Coffee break

11.30 Section 10: Populational genetics

Chair: Ivan Antonov

11.30 Irina Tsvetkova. Genetic structure of Streptococcus pneumoniae population

11.55 Tatyana Gromovykh. The problem of the genetic stability of the strain Gluconacetobacter hansenii GH 1-2008

12.25 Concluding remarks

12.40 Lunch

14.00 Moscow excursion


Anna Petukhova. Bioinformatic approaches to building of gene regulatory networks

Anna Lioznova. Regulatory role of single CpG methylation

Praharshit Sharma FastQ-ome: A Random-Forest ensemble of FastQ-reads as Decision-Trees

Denis Vorobyev. Two methods to calculate E-value of RNA of a definite shape

Artem Kasianov. Identifying genes of antimicrobial peptides in transcriptomes of Triticum kiharae dorof. et Migush

Artem Artemov. Genome-wide DNA methylation profiling reveals epigenetic adaptation of stickleback to sea and freshwater conditions

Alexey Sokolov. DNA Study of the Early Bronze Age humans in the North Caucasus reveals their dual connection with Near East and Central Europe

Anatoly Bragin. Computer Analysis of RNA-seq Data Computer of Laboratory Rats with Aggressive Behavior

Tatyana Savelieva. Transcription factors regulating gene expression in different cell types of moss Physcomitrella Patens